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 Warcloud aka Holocaust

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High Counselor
High Counselor

Kill Count : 12841
Points : 1013477
Home Planet : Haruun Kal

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ViestiAihe: Warcloud aka Holocaust   Warcloud aka Holocaust Icon_minitimeTi Kesä 29, 2010 12:32 am

Former Black Knights MC, popular for his ultra-detailed multi-layered poetry, and correct english pronounciations. Has a limp in his walk due to truck accident many years ago during a lone visit to Japan.

Warcloud has become the subject of much recent debate due to the sudden change in his rhyme style. Although his lyrics are still largely "multi-layered and ultra-detailed", his execution is far more off-beat. This is often referred to as a "free verse pattern" where rhyming is unnecessary and mostly sporadic. In his own words, he names this new rhyme style as "Mixed Forest Zone", whereas his old style was referred to as "Old Jail Pyjama Room". RZA believes Warcloud to be genuinely crazy (which would explain a lot of things!).

Fans will also note that Warcloud's lyrics are now littered with an increasing use of cliches, metaphors and references to food, nursery rhymes, fables and other classic tales. Changed his name from Holocaust to avoid any negative backlash from the Jewish community.